As New Bern’s reputation as a unique and charming coastal destination grows, so does the assortment of vacation rentals that are available in the region. From unique luxury cruisers that are perched on the water to decadent riverfront homes that are large enough to accommodate the entire family, the range of vacation rental properties in New Bern is wholly unique.

As a result, visitors who want their vacation accommodations to feel like a home away from home will discover that it’s easy to find just the right fit for their family when they opt to stay in a New Bern vacation rental.

Why Stay in a New Bern Vacation Rental?

Vacation rentals are becoming the accommodations of choice for more and more families who travel to the coastal North Carolina region, and there are a number of reasons why a New Bern vacation rental may be the right option for a vacationing party.

Cost – One of the biggest allures of a vacation rental for many visitors is the price. Vacation rentals tend to be less expensive than a traditional motel / hotel room, especially for larger parties and multiple night stays. For example, a family of 4 could rent two hotel rooms per night for roughly $100 per room -or $200 total - or could opt for a two bedroom home or condo for the same $100 price per night.

These savings are even more noticeable with larger parties, and for longer stays, as in addition to the lower rate per room, visitors also have a wealth of amenities – such as kitchens, dining rooms, and at-home entertainment – that can save on the overall cost of vacationing necessities like meals or activities. As such, visitors will find they have much more funds left over to splurge on a fine dinner out, as opposed to dining out for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Space – Another perk for visitors that a vacation rental naturally offers is space. In a vacation home or condo, visitors aren’t just limited to a single room; instead, there are multiple spaces to stretch out and relax, and enjoy a little privacy. The majority of vacation rentals have at least one bedroom and bathroom, a living area, a kitchen, a dining area, and outdoor spaces, such as porches, balconies, and patios. As such, visitors tend to feel much less cramped and crowded, and can enjoy leisurely time at home in between New Bern adventures.

This is especially beneficial when it comes to longer stays of 3 days or more. By having a “home” to return to after exploring the downtown area or Tryon Palace, visitors can truly relax without ever feeling claustrophobic.

Amenities – Many visitors also turn to vacation rentals because of the long roster of amenities, which vary from home to home. While a motel or hotel room may have cable TV, a mini-fridge, free local calls, and other extras, many vacation rentals have a host of complimentary perks such as free high speed internet access, multiple TVs, full refrigerators, stoves, and dishwashers, and even big extras like hot tubs, community pools, or water access. With a comparable and often less expensive price than a hotel / motel room, but with far more “extras” that are naturally included in a home, a vacation rental tends to be a more luxurious and accommodating option when it comes to places to stay.

Where to Find New Bern Vacation Rentals

One of the great aspects about the town of New Bern is that because it is so unique and varied, visitors can find a wide range of rentals that are close to the attractions they adore the most, or which have all the extras and amenities they are looking for.

A number of New Bern vacation rentals are located in the heart of the downtown area, and are therefore within walking distance of a number of restaurants, shops, and attractions like the Birthplace of Pepsi site, Tryon Palace, or the Firemen's Museum. These rentals can include historic properties from the 19th or even 18th centuries, or charming townhomes or yachts / vessels that fit right into the downtown scene.

Water lovers will be delighted to find that New Bern has a wide array of waterfront properties that border the Neuse and / or Trent Rivers, and therefore, offer spectacular views and sunsets. Additional properties may also be available in the nearby communities of Fairfield Harbor and Minnesott Beach, which is a well-known destination for water access, great golfing, and a peaceful coastal lifestyle.

A collection of rentals are also found slightly off the beaten path, in small towns like River Bend and Brices Creek, which are both located close to or within the Croatan National Forest. These vacation rentals can include golf-course bordering town homes or pretty residential properties, with fantastic access to local paddling trails, hiking trails, and a wealth of other outdoor activities.

From scenic getaways that are tucked away in a natural setting, to posh downtown properties that are in the heart of the action, the sheer variety of homes ensures that any visitor can create the perfect vacation for their tastes with a New Bern vacation rental.

How to Rent a New Bern Vacation Rental

Because the majority of visitors to the New Bern area are coming from far away, the best way to find and reserve a vacation rental is via an online search.

The vacation rental industry has changed dramatically in the past decade, and most all properties that are available on a short-term daily, weekly, and / or monthly basis can be found, reviewed and even booked online, which makes it easy for potential visitors to peruse their options.

Most vacation rentals in New Bern are rented on an individual basis, aka directly from the owner, as there are limited property management companies in the area. As such, visitors can check out their options at all-encompassing sites like, and can narrow down their choices accordingly.

Another benefit of finding vacation rentals online is the sheer amount of information available. In addition to the basics that are listed for each property, like number of bedrooms, rates, availability, and location, visitors can also peruse multiple photos, long lists of amenities, descriptions, and more info for every distinctive home.

Once a visitor has found the perfect vacation rental, they can directly contact the owner – again via the internet – and schedule their upcoming trip. Because vacation homes are individually owned, the visitor will work with the owner to arrange payments, pick up keys, confirm check-in and check-out times, and acquire all the other little details that naturally come with staying in a new location. Visitors will find that these details are often similar to a hotel, with conveniences like online payments, to make a transaction easier.

Once it’s time to arrive, visitors will find the house clean and ready for their stay, and can settle into their “new” home with ease to promptly begin a fantastic New Bern vacation.

Available Amenities

While every property in New Bern is different, there are a number of amenities that guests can look forward to - and can be on the lookout for - to ensure a vacation exceeds all expectations

Pet Friendly – One of the biggest benefits of a vacation rental is that many properties are pet friendly, which means it’s easy to bring along your furry family member. These homes may also have little dog-friendly extras, such as a fenced yard or dog run, on-site dog bed or crate, and other extras that make it easy for all family members to relax and enjoy a stay.

Handicapped Accessible – Some properties may also be marked as handicapped accessible, or open for visitors with mobility issues. These homes may offer one-level living spaces and / or an elevator, handicapped friendly bathrooms, and other attributes to make navigating through the home an easy venture.

Fireplaces – A number of New Bern properties have fireplaces, which are ideal for wintertime stays when the outside air may be chilly, or which can simply be enjoyed as decorative accents to make a living or dining area feel homey.

Boat Docks / Water Access  -Many properties that are located on the water, (such as the Trent River or the Neuse River), also feature water access amenities, such as boat docks, kayak launching or equipment set-up areas, gazebos and benches, and other perks that make life by the water more enjoyable.

Decks / Screened Porches – Most vacation rentals in New Bern have quiet outside areas where it’s easy to enjoy a little sun or shade. These areas can include, but are certainly not limited to, decks, screened porches, balconies, and other outdoor “spaces.” In addition, many homes feature stunning local landscapes, outdoor grills or patios, benches or deck furnishings, and other amenities that make it easy to unwind and enjoy the great outdoors.

Kitchens, dining areas, and living areas – One of the best attributes of a vacation rental is the extra space, and visitors will find separate and welcoming areas for dining, cooking, and just stretching out after a long day. Kitchens are often equipped with everything guests will need to prepare meals at home – including large appliances, small appliances, and cookware – which makes family meals a breeze, while living and dining areas have ample furnishings for effortless relaxation without feeling cluttered.

Internet Access – High speed internet access has become a necessity for modern vacationers, and virtually every vacation rental in New Bern or the surrounding areas has internet access that is complimentary for guests.

Blankets, pillows, towels, and other extras – Like a real home away from home, a vacation rental has all the basics to make guests feel welcome as soon as they walk through the door. These little perks can include, but are certainly not limited to, extra pillows, comforters and blankets, towels and wash cloths, books and games, and other necessities that can be enjoyed throughout the day and night.

Community pools, golf course access, and other area amenities – Some properties that are located within a resort or a planned community may offer access to some of the area’s amenities, such as community swimming pools, on-site golf courses, tennis courts, clubhouses, and more. Check an individual property description to see what neighborhood extras may be nearby, and / or included with a vacation rental stay.

Things to Bring, and What’s Included in a New Bern Vacation Rental

While New Bern vacation rentals are outfitted with all the vacationing necessities, visitors may want to check the property description and / or check with the owner for these items that may or may not be included at the home.

Linens and Towels – Most all vacation rentals have comforters, pillows, and other big bulky bedding necessities, but some may not have linens on-site, which means that guests will need to bring along their own sheets, pillowcases, and / or towels for their trip. Be sure and check to see if you’ll need extra sheets or other light bedding materials for your stay.

Baby Equipment – Baby equipment is an amenity that can vary from home to home, and while some properties may offer on-site cribs, high chairs, and other basics, others may not. Check ahead to see what baby equipment needs to be brought along for your vacation. There are also several large chain stores in the area in case additional supplies are needed.

Pet Equipment – While dog friendly homes may have fenced-in yards or dog runs, owners will want to bring along leashes, pet beds or toys, pet food, and other comforts from home that will make a pet more comfortable in their new surroundings.

Computers and laptops – a handful of vacation rentals may offer on-site desktops for guests, but many simply offer free high speed internet access to ensure the security of all users. As such, working vacationers will want to bring along their laptops and / or tablets in order to stay connected throughout their vacation.

Pantry supplies and Groceries – Many visitors will be delighted to find that their vacation rental kitchen is stocked with just about everything required for cooking family feasts. This includes appliances, cookware, dishes and plates, glasses, and all the basics for meal prep. With that being said, vacation rentals do not have groceries already in stock, and may just have a few pantry basics, like salt and pepper, napkin / paper towels, and other simple items. As such, visitors will want to bring along their favorite condiments, or go shopping after arriving at the home to retrieve everything they’ll need for a vacation full of meals prepared and enjoyed at home.

Toiletries and Household supplies – When visitors arrive at a vacation rental, they’ll want to check and see what household supplies and toiletries they’ll need to pick up at the local grocery store(s.) This can include staples like dish detergent, laundry detergent, cleaning supplies, shampoo and conditioner, and other necessities for staying in a home. Many rentals offer the basics – like soap and trash bags – but not the more personalized items, such as shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, and other personal care or cleaning products.

Recreational Gear and Equipment – While some properties may have exceptional water access, visitors will likely want to bring along all the gear and equipment required to transform a waterfront locale into a fun vacation destination. This can include items such as kayaks and paddle boards, fishing gear, beach chairs, and other essentials that make playing outdoors enjoyable. In addition, downtown or neighborhood vacationers may want to bring along bikes to explore the local trails and scenic regions with ease.

Books, games, and reading materials – Many vacation rentals have books, magazines, board games, DVDs, and other entertainment options handy and readily available, however guests may want to bring along their own collection of reads or games for family nights in. The cool and coastal New Bern vacation rentals serve as perfect venues for relaxing at home, and a good book can transform a lazy afternoon into a much appreciated and stress-free aspect of any vacation.

Purchasing a New Bern Vacation Rental Home

Visitors who adore New Bern and who dream of owning a home in this coastal community may find that one of the best ways to accomplish this goal is to purchase a vacation rental home.

Because of the sheer range of vacation properties in the New Bern area, virtually any home, townhome, or condo can turn into an enticing vacation rental property, provided that it’s in a solid location, is clean and well-kept, and has everything guests need for a full vacation of fun.

A vacation rental is rented on a nightly, weekly, or even monthly basis, with the owners paying for the utilities, insurance, and basic maintenance / upkeep. While the rent received doesn’t automatically pay for the home itself, (depending on the amount of the monthly mortgage payments), the added income can certainly put a dent in overall expenses, and can allow owners to pay off a property that much faster.

In addition, vacation rental owners will find that there are a number of tax incentives to owning a second home that is rented out on a temporary basis, which can include expenses for repairs or upgrades, or travelling to New Bern to work on the property.

The main consideration and concern for out-of-area owners is the general upkeep of the property in between rental guests. Owners will need a reliable person or vendor to arrange for cleaning before and after a guest leaves, checking on the property, performing minor repairs, and / or distributing keys, and addressing maintenance issues that may arise during a guest’s stay. There are several cleaning and management companies in the area who can assist with this task, and many Realtors who specialize in the sale of vacation rental or investment properties in New Bern can also point prospective owners in the right direction when it comes managing the home.

The good news is that because a vacation property is rented in small daily or weekly increments, owners can enjoy multiple stays at the home throughout the year – unlike month-to-month rentals which are occupied all year long. In addition, considering that the majority of guests treat a rental home like it is their own, owners can enjoy extra income with minimal wear and tear on the property, making it that much easier to plan a long-term move in the years to come.

For more information on buying a vacation rental home, including available properties for sale, rental projections, and other information, visitors can contact a local New Bern real estate agent or company.

Tips and Tricks for Renting a New Bern Vacation Rental

  • Rates for New Bern vacation properties often vary by the season, with the highest prices in the summer months, and the lowest prices in the winter months. As such, visitors on the hunt for a bargain may want to investigate properties in the “shoulder season” months of fall and spring, when the weather is perfect, and the prices may be noticeably smaller.
  • Peruse trip insurance options before booking your vacation home. Trip insurance can protect visitors from unforeseen weather events like hurricanes, as well as personal emergencies and other circumstances that can unintentionally cause a vacation to be cancelled. Best of all, trip insurance is offered at just a fraction of the price of the overall vacation rental.
  • For more vacation rental options, extend your search parameters. The coastal towns of the Crystal Coast, like Atlantic Beach, Beaufort, Morehead City and Emerald Isle, all have dozens if not hundreds of vacation rentals, giving visitors many more options in terms of amenities.
  • Don’t forget the feedback! If you enjoyed your stay, be sure and post your experience online. Not only will you help the owners continue to offer their property as a vacation rental, but you’ll also be helping other potential New Bern visitors who are unfamiliar with the area, and who are looking for a great place to stay.
  • Note that some amenities – such as community pools or fireplaces – may be seasonal, and therefore only offered during certain times of the year. If these amenities are important to your vacation enjoyment, check ahead and schedule your vacation accordingly.
  • Vacation rentals may book up quickly during key holiday or event weeks, like the 4th of July Festival, or the annual Mumfest which is held in mid-October. If you are planning on visiting during a busy time of year, book as far in advance as possible.
  • One of the best aspects of New Bern vacation rentals is the price. New Bern properties are often less expensive than their Crystal Coast counterparts, but are nevertheless close to all the top attractions that lure people to this corner of the NC Coastline. If you want to explore the entirety of the Crystal Coast on a budget, New Bern is an exceptional option.

From historic downtown properties to classic waterfront retreats, New Bern has a lot to offer when it comes to diverse vacation rentals. Though the number of properties are less than nearby cities like Atlantic Beach or Emerald Isle, the sheer range of homes and condos – as well as the wealth of amenities – will make any visitor delighted to stay in this historical coastal town.

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