Located in the center of the downtown area, and distinctive for its Swiss-inspired sign and accompanying awning, Bern Bear Gifts is a delightful little stop for area shoppers who want to celebrate the past and present of this historic town. Featuring a wide array of gifts, souvenirs, and even imported items, this modest sized shop features a world of variety and goodies that is certainly worthy of exploration.

Bern Bear Gifts is housed within one of New Bern’s many historic brick buildings, and the little shop stands out for its vintage storefront and central locale. Situated along Craven Street, Bern Bear Gifts is easy to reach for all downtown explorers, which makes it a convenient and fun stop during a shopping expedition. The store pays homage to New Bern’s Swiss roots, and shoppers will find a nice array of unique and imported items, as well as a treasure trove of souvenirs that feature the famed New Bern coat of arms, the signature New Bern “bear,” and / or all of the above. With everything from hats and tees that celebrate the town, to little knick knacks and gifts that can’t be found anywhere else, Bern Bear Gifts has a lot to offer to shoppers of all tastes.

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