Enjoy the Crystal Coast region from a while new perspective, thanks to the array of tours and expeditions that are provided by Seavisions Charters. With tons of on-the-water territory to explore, visitors will just be a shell’s throw away from the area’s abundant wildlife, shorelines, and stunning vistas, without ever venturing too far away from the heart of Beaufort.

The tours are commandeered by Captain Monty, who’s been exploring the outlying island chains since he was a kid, and who knows all the local spots where the local wildlife thrive. (He’s also a U.S. Coast Guard 50 Gross Ton Master Captain, so visitors will feel safe throughout their boating adventure.)  The boat tours cover a lot of “ground,” and includes adventures to the Cape Lookout National Seashore, the Rachel Carson Reserve, and the Shackleford Banks, where miles of barrier island shorelines can be discovered. Along the way, visitors will get close to nature, which includes hundreds of species of birds, fish, crustaceans, and the famed wild horses, which are always close to shore. With hours of entertainment waiting, and customizations to ensure visitors can have their own personalized adventure throughout the region, Seavisions Charters is a fine choice for uncovering the Crystal Coast’s inherent wild side.

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