From learning the basics of scuba diving and getting certified, to exploring some of the incredible sites that are found within the outlying Graveyard of the Atlantic, there are a lot of adventures that are waiting through Beaufort’s own diving center, Discover Diving. Located on the waterfront edge of the downtown area, and easy to reach for visitors all along the Crystal Coast, this all-encompassing diving center provides everything from gear and supplies, to instruction and dive charters, ensuring that scuba divers of all abilities and interests can spend ample time under the water.

Locals and long-time visitors who want to learn more about the sport can sign up for a wide array of professionally orchestrated classes, including initial certification classes, and more advanced classes for specialty training or obtaining a master diver status. Once certified, there’s a number of dive charters that launch from the Discovery Diving Center as well, which are held on either a 6-passenegr vessel or two 16-passenger crew boats. These dive trips examine some of the more accessible shipwrecks found in the offshore waters, which are fascinating destinations for history buffs and wreck diving fans alike. Combined with the center’s extensive array of gear and supplies for sale, Discovery Diving is an accommodating oasis for divers from all along the Southern Outer Banks.

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