New Bern, North Carolina

Founded in 1710, New Bern was settled by Swiss and German adventurers led by Baron Christopher de Graffenried from Bern, Switzerland. Royal Governor William Tryon made this seaport the colonial capitol. His restored 18th-century capitol and residence, Tryon Palace, dominates a thirteen-acre garden complex that includes several historical landmarks in the heart of the city.

A major port and trading center in the 1800's, New Bern was captured and occupied by the Union Army after a fierce battle on March 14, 1862. New Bern has three historic districts with homes, stores, and churches dating as far back as the early 18th century. In fact, there are 36 individual listings and more than 150 sites included in the National Register of Historic Places.

New Bern's colorful history includes many other fascinating facts. .........(continued)   MORE

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New Bern, North Carolina

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New Bern, North Carolina

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