The original New Bern Artworks, recently renamed and now known as the "Fine Art at Baxters Gallery," is a favorite downtown shopping spot for frequent visitors and first-time vacationers alike. Located in the former Baxters Jewelry Store in the heart of downtown on Pollock Street, the gallery features an eclectic collection which includes original paintings, glass works, ceramics, pottery, sculpture, photography, and jewelry.

Art for sale at Baxters Gallery in New Bern, NC

The original Artworks was founded in 2005 as the "Art Factory," as a venue to showcase the talents of local and regional artists who were inspired by both the Inner Banks and Outer Banks surrounding communities. Blossoming into an expansive space where artists could both work and share their ideas, for the first four years, the gallery celebrated the concept of the "simple box," where all artwork created in the gallery was composed on wrapped canvases or boxed panels.

Art Gallery at Baxters Gallery in New Bern, NC

Today, the gallery showcases all mediums of local and regional art, all contained within its expansive and altogether expansively modern downtown space. An art lover's dream, the gallery features over 70 artists, in addition to regularevening or late afternoon shows which showcase the talents of one or more of the gallery's notable contributors. The gallery hosts regular art shows and exhibits, with artist receptions, and a complete schedule of events can be found online.

Talented artists-in-training can also sign up for the regular "Vino and Picasso" events, a fantastic opportunity to get together with friends and create a personalized masterpiece under the instruction of a gifted instructor, complete with a little brown-bagged wine to help get the creative juices flowing.

Special shows and exhibits, in addition to Vino and Picasso nights are posted well in advance, and the gallery is open Monday through Friday, 10:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m., and Saturdays from 10:00 am. until 5:00 p.m.

Loved by both art enthusiasts and everyday downtown visitors alike, the art collections at Baxters Gallery are a truly inspiring way to delve into the New Bern art scene. With a rotating collection and plenty of coastal North Carolina-inspired pieces, a tour through this downtown staple will make any visitor fall in love with the local and regional talents on display in the Inner Banks.


New Bern
New Bern Firemans Museum

New Bern Firemans Museum

The New Bern Fire Department began as a fraternal organization and was originally called the "Atlantic Hook & Ladder Company," and was the first chartered fire department in the state of North Carolina. This original company became inactive during the Civil War when many of its volunteers were fighting for the Confederate Army, and noting a need for local firefighters, invading Union forces who had infiltrated and then settled in New Bern during the latter portion of the war, set up a rival company in 1865, the "New Bern Steam Fire Engine Company No. 1." The two companies remained in service well after the Civil War ended, but the initial rivalry between north and south originating companies never dissipated. Both companies would try to "out-do" each other with station equipment upgrades, and both companies regularly competed against each other in state-wide firefighting competitions. (Incidentally, both performed exceedingly well, perhaps due in no small part in an effort to out-do the other rival.)

Activities for Kids in New Bern

Activities for Kids in New Bern

From wide open outdoor spaces to cool museums that cater to little visitors, New Bern truly is a paradise for kids. Combining education and culture with miles of fun, kids will have a blast discovering all the different things to do in this charming Inner Banks town, and are sure to enjoy a vacation that’s filled with activities and memories that will last a lifetime.